Crypto Vs Zombie


In this 2D multiplayer game, zombies spawn at a starting point and make their way to a destination.


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Project Details

In this 2D multiplayer game, zombies spawn at a starting point and make their way to a destination. The challenge is to prevent them from reaching the endpoint, as letting a zombie reach it results in a loss for the player. To counter the undead threat, players strategically place towers along the zombie’s path. Each tower comes with a unique attack style, adding a layer of variety and strategy to the game. The tactical twist lies in placing towers directly on the zombie’s path, forcing it to alter its course. This strategic move can be a game-changer, redirecting the zombie and creating opportunities for the player to succeed. What makes it even more engaging is the multiplayer aspect. Players not only defend against their opponent’s zombie onslaught but also initiate their own zombies to challenge the opponent. The ultimate goal remains the same: outmaneuver the opponent and avoid allowing zombies to reach the critical endpoint.
It’s a simple yet intense game of strategy, where quick thinking and well-placed towers can make all the difference between victory and defeat.

Challenges & Solutions

Multiplayer Setup:


Networked synchronization for player actions, towers, zombies, and game state.


Utilize Photon for seamless multiplayer functionality, ensuring synchronized gameplay across networked instances.

Tower and Enemy Logic:


Logic for towers and enemies, including path-finding and interactions.


Implement the A* algorithm for efficient path-finding, enabling intelligent enemy navigation and interactions with strategically placed towers.

Tower Defense Logic:


Tower defense mechanics, including tower attacking, attack animation, and special effects.


Utilize sprite sheets for tower attack animations and effects, enhancing the visual appeal of the game in a 2D environment.

Project Images